Southeast Asia Video Camp Application Form

EngageMedia is organising a camp for Southeast Asian and Burmese film and video makers in June 2015 in Myanmar. If you are film and video maker and want to join us for this event, this is where you apply.

Video for Change Impact Survey

This survey is for individuals and organisations who are creating Video for Change initiatives. We define Video for Change as: “the use of video to support social movements, document human rights violations, raise awareness on social issues, and influence social change.”

There are 14 questions in this survey and we expect it will take 5-10 minutes to complete. If you would like more information about the Video for Change Impact project please contact EngageMedia

Borang Penyertaan Pelatihan Video MRS di KL

Borang penyertaan ini adalah untuk untuk projek Migrant Refugee Stateless (MRS) yang dijalankan di KL. Borang ini digunakan untuk mendapat penyertaan dari Komuniti Migran, Wakil dari Kumpulan Advokasi Migran dan Citizen Journalist yang akan memastikan untuk pemilihan peserta yang layak untuk Projek ini.

Indonesian Lingua Tour

Camp Sambel 2 Form Evaluasi

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