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Registration - participants (with travel funding support)

Welcome to COCONET!

We will be supporting your participation to the Camp, including flight and accommodation.
We request you to fill out this form so we can already arrange your travel as soon as possible.

Please note the following when you fill up the form:
- We will support your accommodation from October 21 to October 27 noon only.
- We require an electronic copy of your passport for flight booking.
- Please note that we require travel insurance for all participants if you don't have one yet, we'll get one for you.
- Accommodation will be twin or triple-sharing and each participant will have their own bed.
- If you are on a slow or unstable connection, you are advised to keep a backup of your answers in a text document.
- The information collected here will only be used for Camp organizing purposes only.

FIRST NAME as it appears on your legal ID/passport
MIDDLE NAME as it appears on your legal ID/passport
LAST NAME as it appears on your legal ID/passport
Preferred name to appear on your Camp Badge.
You are requested to be at the Camp venue on Oct 21st evening
You are requested to finish the Camp program until the evening of Oct 26th

Notes on Flight Arrangement

  • We will only provide accommodation for participants from October 21 evening to Oct 27 noon
  • We will be sending a proposed itinerary to your email based on your preferred date and time of departure. We ask that you confirm them via email as soon as possible.
  • Once we book the flight, any changes to it will be your own responsibility
  • *Please note that we require all participants to have travel insurance, if you don't have one yet we'll get one for you.

    Participation fee

    As noted in the application, we request a participation fee to assist us in covering costs including meals, accomodation, and local transport in Indonesia. If you have difficulties in paying the fee please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

    *Please note that the accommodation arrangement will be twin or triple-sharing. If you prefer a solo room, there will be necessary charges for it.
    *please indicate if you have any food restrictions and/or diet restrictions
    Participation notes
    I understand that the success of COCONET rely on how I actively participate and contribute to the Camp so as a participant I commit to attending all days of the Camp and to contribute substantively in activities and sessions. I also commit to interact with fellow participants in a respectful manner and to ensure to making the Camp a safe space, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.
    By clicking YES, you accept the participation notes indicated above.